Wigman’s carries lumber, pressure treated lumber, plywood, insulation, rolled roofing, roof jacks, sand, gravel, molding, sheet rock, marine treated lumber, pilings, piling caps, bulkhead fabric, black top patch,  concrete, mortar mix, all purpose sand, rebar, and many other home repair items.
Wigman’s has access to millworks and specialty woods, that can be special ordered.
Our Marine construction supplies also include dock ladders and dock lighting.  Call for details.

Wigman’s is excited to announce our newest product for marine construction. The Snap Jacket!
A technical evaluation of the efficacy of Shoreline Plastics “SnapJacket” used as a “remain in place” form to repair, preserve and strengthen marine pilings by encapsulation in concrete.

SnapJacket is a substantial PVC shell that can be opened sufficiently to be placed around a timber (or concrete) piling that is either freestanding or supporting an existing structure. The SnapJacket can then be snapped shut engaging a unique, irreversible locking system. The void between the piling and jacket can then be filled with a concrete grout. Under-cut fixtures on the inner wall of the Snapjacket further prevent the shell from being deliberately or accidently removed from the piling.

Call Wigman’s Hardware and ask for Mike or Michael for additional information on the exciting new product.

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