Wigman's Ace Hardware and Lifts - Paint Studio

Wigman’s Ace Hardware Paint Studio offers computerized color matching, including the very popular OPI Nail Colors. Bring a sample and we will be glad to color match it for you.

The Paint Studio at Wiman’s Ace Hardware carries a full line of interior and exterior paints, including Clark and Kensington’s Paint and Primer in one, Valspar, and the incredible user friendly line of products from Amy Howard at Home. If you want to freshen up you paint colors in your home or on your furniture Wigman’s can help you.

Wigman’s offers free paint work shop using the Amy Howard at Home products. Just like us on Facebook, the classes are posted on our Facebook page and the workshops are free, just be sure to reserve your spot, space is limited.

Wigman’s also carries a full line of stains, thinners, sand paper, brushes, rollers, drop cloths, and much, much more.

Clark & Kensington Paint + Primer In One Interior Paint:

Provides Excellent Coverage, Delivers more hiding power than ordinary paints. Feels Ultra Smooth, Levels out the ridges and valleys left behind by brushes and rollers. Cleans Easily, Forms a stain-resistant barrier that keeps your home looking fresh. Reduces Sticking, Makes opening a window or door after painting a breeze. Microbead Technology, Clark & Kensington interior paints are formulated with Microbead technology. These tiny beards fit snuggly together to form a tighter film than ordinary paints. This means that stains wash off easier, the surface is  smoother, and it will take life’s bumps and bruises without showing it.


Wigman’s also carries Valspar Paint. (The Valspar Color Vision) With Valspar you can choose color confidently and bring your room to life with color you love. That’s the Valspar color Vision system. Think about the colors you are drawn to in art, nature, fashion, photography, and favorite or dream destinations to get an idea of what colors you might like to live with on your walls. Pick three colors, take them home and see how they look with your décor. Once you have decided on a color scheme for your room, take home a sample can and try it out, there is no better way to see the color in the actual lighting, and view from different angels. You will be very confident of your choice and eliminate all the guess work.

Amy Howard at Home:

Wigman’s Ace Hardware is very excited to introduce the Any Howard at Home line of products. This line of products is the incredibly easy to use. One Step Paint: No Sanding, No Priming, No Stripping! Rescue, Restore, Redecorate! One Step Paint is a chalk based paint, all natural, no VOC’s. One Step Paint will adhere to almost any surface, wood, glass, plastic, formica, with no sanding, priming, or stripping. If you have a piece of furniture that needs a facelift, Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint is the way to go. Wigman’s carries 28 different colors of the One Step Paint, and will be able to custom color match in October 2015. Wigman’s also carries Amy Howard at Home, Antiquing Waxes, Dust of Ages, Cracked Patina, Milk Paint, Furniture Gesso, High Gloss Lacquer, and more. Free Workshops are offered using the Amy Howard at Home Products, just like us on Facebook, all classes are posted there, but fill up quickly, be sure to reserve your spot early.